I know Iulia, the creoline girl for a few years, but I entirely discovered Laurentiu, who just admitted that he wants her in his life, only in this night when we danced so much that we broke the floors until 5 in the morning.

Everything happened just like a summerish breeze. In fact, I was returning from a volunteering program across Danube and was in the train station caring 4 luggages, when I called to tell her everything I could blow up from my soul at that hour. It was her birthday. She told me that she is accomplished and I figure it out in a moment: a baby! I was missing just one month and all off a sudden, a wish came true. I woke up just like that in front of a bunch of green apples, a bath tube filled with flowers, lacings, flower pots, a creamy dress and a wooden bow tie, all tiny emotional shades of the one and only summer night.

We brought our cameras with us and we started writing a good zdob and zdub book.

And at their wedding, they danced even the crickets in the grass and the grapes on the table.